Counting to 300 Hours of Exercise in 2012!!

Steps in 2012 (Goal: 5,490,000)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My pedometer broke.

My pedometer broke, so I have been less bloggy.  I am still working though!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday report (Monday-Thursday steps)

Well I always knew I was a stress eater and this week proves it.  Things are really revving up around here sports-wise and school-volunteer wise.  Ugh.

Monday: 13290
Tuesday: 22263
Wednesday: 7494  (SA phone calls do NOT add to my step goal  Geesh!)
Thursday: 15116

Total of 58163
Grand total of 247285+58163=305448

No new loss to report.  :'(  I need to pay more attention.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Steps for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

I had a wonderful girls weekend and came back to not having gained at all.  Woo hoo!

Thursday - 17605
Friday - 14201
Saturday - 9928
Sunday - 8025

Total of 49,759 
Grand total of 197526+ 49759 = 247285.

Today is Monday and I am already ahead of Saturday and Sunday's steps.  We did a lot of sitting around and talking.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

-3 pounds the first week

The first week of this is done.  I have lost three pounds and quite honestly I didn't do very much to ensure success outside of having a great workout on Monday.  I am committed to being more on top of planning meals this week.  The weekend killed me so I am going to plan on Friday morning what I will eat on Saturday and Sunday.  Three pounds is three pounds but it could have been better.

I got my hair cut yesterday instead of going to the gym, thus the low steps number.  Definitely feel crappy.  I'm pretty sure it is allergies. 

Pounds lost: 3

Goal: lose 50

Pounds to go: 47

Miles walked/run: 7 

Steps Wednesday: 13942  for a total of  197526.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

OK Tuesday: 20419 Steps

I didn't make it to the gym on Tuesday but I still got over 20,000 steps.  Tuesday is my day to volunteer at the school.  Duke had preschool at 9:30.  I dropped him off we celebrated his birthday at preschool.  My big three year old was so proud to be the one blowing out the candles!  I had lunch with Knight at 11:15.  I hung around the school until noon when I went in to take the Knight's class pictures.  Then I helped at the computer lab.  I have definitely caught a cold.  Ugh.  I get my hair cut today at the gym so that bites into my working out time.  I also want to have lunch with Prince and Princess at school today.

Pounds lost: 3

Goal: lose 50

Pounds to go: 47

Miles walked/run: 7 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday good Monday: 32,283 Steps!

I had a fantastic Monday!  Today will not be as stellar exercise-wise because it is my day to volunteer at the school.  I help out in the Knight's computer lab after I have lunch with him on Tuesdays.  I am also going to take a group picture of his class for the yearbook.  Our annual Silent Auction is also coming up and I volunteered to make some calls for that.  I co-chaired it last year and it about killed me.  I backed way off this year.  I am making some calls and coordinating the room parents.

Pounds lost:  3

Goal: lose 50

Pounds to go: 47

Miles walked/run: 7 

Monday, January 9, 2012

7 miles and 950 calories!

Wow - it feels good to make it to the gym again!  I went a few times when the kids were home for Christmas break, but I didn't have any intense days like today.  I went for 7 miles and 950 calories!  Woo hoo! 

I was going to race home, shower, and then take Duke for a haircut, but since we passed by the place on the way home, we stopped as we passed it. I stayed down wind. 

Happy to get 7 miles and 2 more hours!  I'm already over 20,000 steps for the day and it is only 1:15.  Woo hoo!  It is laundry day too so there will be lots of running around delivering clothes to the kids' rooms.   But first, a shower!